Affiliate Program


Join Stitch Cooperative’s affiliate program and earn money on pattern sales through your shop’s website, blog or email newsletter!

WE HEARD YOU. After Stitch Cooperative was featured in the spring 2008 issue of Yarn Market News, shop owners told us they need a way to compete with the online pattern market. Your customers are turning to the Internet as a means of finding patterns. With our affiliate program, you can be their online pattern store too!

What’s an affiliate program?

In brief: you earn a portion of the sales price on each Stitch Cooperative pattern you sell through your shop website, blog or email newsletter, with no inventory to buy or money to spend. And you can sell patterns to your customers 24 hours a day!

How does it work?

Sign up for an account with Stitch Cooperative. We’ll set you up with the means to start selling. It’s as easy as cut and paste. You can do it!

How can I promote this program to earn more money? Can it help me sell other shop inventory, too?

There are so many ways! Here are a few ideas:

Host a knitalong for a specific pattern at your shop. Newsletter subscribers purchase the pattern through your online link, then come in to buy appropriate yarn. Hold a knitalong kickoff party with snacks!
Interview one of our designers on your shop’s blog and feature her patterns in the post
New yarn line? Write about it in your newsletter and include links to Stitch Cooperative patterns using the same yarn.
Have a store computer where customers can buy online patterns on the spot!

The internet is evil; it’s ruining my business!

It’s all about giving your customers a new way to buy from you. DON’T BE ANGRY AT THE INTERNET. The internet will never replace a full-service yarn store… it cannot replace YOU. Your customer service skills, your knowledge, everything that makes your customers keep coming back. However, you can’t be open 24 hours a day and the internet can. So, for those late-night pattern cravings, let us help you generate new sales! Your best and most loyal customers can also help you sell. Encourage them to link to your website from their own site or blog, from Ravelry…be creative!

Ok, ok. I believe you. How do I get paid?

It’s your choice! We can pay you via PayPal, check or, if you are a Stitch Cooperative wholesale (paper) pattern customer, we can apply your earnings towards future orders.